Marketing Campaign | Social Media, 2023
Reddy Bikeshare presents their first-ever 100-Mile Challenge! They are rewarding Western New Yorkers who pedal the most steam into their summer routine. Every user who tallies 100 or more miles on a Reddy Bike between April 1 and September 15, 2023, earns a $5 rider credit and an invitation to an end-of-year Biketober Bash in October. 
Bike rack sticker design, 2020
Reddy Bikeshare in partnership with Independent Health & the City of Niagara Falls were looking for a way to promote the Niagara Falls Resident Plan to new and existing members. This membership plan offers $1 annual memberships to any resident 18 years and older in Niagara Falls.
Using a QC code and existing branding language, Reddy Bikeshare and I were able to create a bike rack sticker to be placed on all stations (outside of downtown) for residents to have access to. 
* Existing bike rack design created by Renoun Creative in collaboration with Independent Health
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